Welcome to Technostructure

Technostructure leads property owners in the reduction of utility costs through energy savings. from campus wide central utility systems to single buildings.


Technostructure provides the design and construction of all MEP systems in new and existing buildings. Technostructure is an engineering company. Our solutions are engineer driven and no middleman.

Technostructure will guaranty an energy cost reduction in your project.

Trust our 6 step process.


    - Inspect
    - Audit your utility consumption
    - Assess your thermal efficiency
    - Listen to your energy goals and needs

    - Proceed to design
    - Schedule and sequence the work to ensure business continuity
    - Commission and train staff
    - Facilitate smooth transfer of assets to you

    - Optimize building performance
    - Select ECM's for implementation
    - Establish your energy savings and usage roadmap

    - Perform proprietary analysis on your building
    - Present energy conservation measures
    - Analyze cost savings potential
    - Model future energy profiles

    - Present financing solutions and options
    - Model payback and predict your projects profitability
    - Establish your risk vs. return cost criteria

    - Achieve client energy savings expectations
    - Monitor performance
    - Track energy targets and cost savings
    - Re-inspect and re-commission
    - Manage operational changes and needs

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